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The Who, What

and Why


As the owner and operator of Design Barista, I know what it’s like to search for something only to realize what I want or need is out of my price range or I have to “settle” for something less than what I want or need. That’s why I offer simple, affordable websites to other small business owners.


Throughout the design process, I work closely with those who have a direct impact on the direction of the project. I believe that effective communication is key to the successful outcome of any endeavor and a website is no exception.

Some clients meet with me knowing exactly what they are looking for in a website, others have no idea. In either case, we will work together to find a solution that best fits your vision, your purpose, and your end goal.

I understand that not everyone has the time nor desire to design, develop, and continue to maintain a website, especially business owners, nor should you!  As a small business owner, you should be focused on growing your business, not trying to master one of those DIY web design sites!  Let Design Barista design, develop and maintain your website so you can focus on what’s important to you . . . growing your business.


I believe:
. . . you deserve to be heard and understood;
. . . you should spend your time growing your business, not learning how to design a website;
. . . in affordable access to a quality website that helps you grow your business;
. . . in effective communication