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Do you know

whether your site is

“responsive”?  How

about secure?  If you

do, then great, you’re

ahead of most!  If

you’re not . . . read


Now more than ever, we access vast amounts of data, entertainment, and information on the go.  As cell phones and tablets become “smarter”, your website needs to keep up too.  While it’s still important your site is tested to ensure it works properly on all browsers and operating systems, it’s even more important that it’s “responsive” and secure.  Search engines like Google, have made “secure” sites a necessity and will penalize your site’s SEO if it’s not.  They also will give responsive sites higher placement in search results than those that are not in compliance with today’s technology.  This means your SEO will take a hit reducing the ability for users to find you.

Is your site responsive?  Is your site secure?  If you’re not sure, just pull it up in a web browser from your desktop, then re-size the window.  If the site just gets smaller as you shrink the window, it’s not responsive.  If it reorganizes your data to fit the window, it is – it’s that simple.  Do you see the “s” at the end of “http”?  If not, your site does not have a security certificate attached to it and is not “secure”.

With Design Barista, you can rest assured that your website will be responsive and secure from the get-go, and beautiful too!  So contact us today with the details of your project!