Design Barista

Don't let the name fool you . . .  although I love coffee and generally can't clear the cobwebs until I've had a cup, I've never worked in a coffee shop. 

"Barista" commonly refers to a bartender who creatively mixes beverages of all types.  Design Barista is a take on the same creativity, only as it relates to design.

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Meet Monica

Monica graduated from UT Arlington, School of Architecture and over the years has translated her design background into the world of website design and even some photography.


Over the years Monica has worked with clients from a variety of industries ranging from architecture and construction to counseling and an author.


Throughout the design process, Monica communicates and works with those who have a direct impact on the direction of the project.  As the design process moves toward the end goal, each phase of the project will be evaluated for accuracy to ensure the project is on target and exceeding expectations.  By combining your needs with her experience, Monica makes it her mission to meet you where you are to accomplish your goals.


Having worked in the corporate environment and for smaller, privately owned companies, Monica is now putting that experience to work with Design Barista.  Her focus is on providing simple, elegant, effective, and affordable website and print design services to a client base consisting mainly of other small entrepreneurial businesses and individuals like you.

Some clients meet with Monica knowing exactly what they are looking for in a website; others have no idea.  In either scenario, YOU ultimately have control over the look and feel of the final product.  Monica works tirelessly to bring your style and vision for your online presence to life, interjecting creativity along the way.

Monica is committed to taking your ideas, no matter how slight or prolific, and creating a product that communicates YOUR message most effectively.  The process is about you and your ideas.  Your message needs to be communicated in a way that best represents and reflects you as the business owner.

Ready to get started?  Just hop over to the Contact page and tell Monica a little bit about your project!